The use of cookies on Psycherence website 

Here you will find information on why and what kind of cookies are used on our website. 


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text that the Psycherence website adds to your computer (or other device) via your browser, when you visit our website. Cookies allow the website to recognise and remember your device. As a result it is easier and more comfortable for your computer or device to download the website. Every time you visit our website, the browser sends this fail to the website server. You can find more information about it here. 

What kind of cookies are used on Psycherence website?

— Session cookies, which are cancelled after you leave the website.

— Permanent cookies, which remain after your visit to the website. Those are, for instance, Google and Facebook analysis cookies, and Mailmuch mailing-list cookies, which affect the use of mailing-list pop-up window.

Why Psycherence uses cookies?

Cookies allow us to analyse the user’s habits and visits to the website. Cookies let us know whether we need to provide you information about joining the mailing-list. 

Do I let my personal data be used, when agreeing to cookies? 

When agreeing to use cookies, you are not giving the permission to use your personal data. 

Can cookies be denied?

Yes, your browser has the option to deny the use of cookies. Exact instructions you may find here: 
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Does Psycherence use personal data?

Yes, you can leave your e-mail address to the Psycherence website. We will only use it to make contact with you to share the news and information about the conference.

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